Activities for 2020

Activities for 2020

Happy new year everyone! This is the time where all the festivities have past and we start to fall back into our “normal” routine again. The Christmas period is always a time when I reflect on what I achieved within the past year. For me, in 2019, apart from hiking up Ben Nevis which is a big achievement, there wasn’t anything else I felt like I’d accomplished. I felt like I could have achieved more with the time I had. Therefore I wanted this year (2020) to be different.

Planning Ahead

It’s the start of the year and I’m feeling very positive and full of energy. I think it is to do with the activities I’ve got planned to do this year (shared later in this post).

When you make time to plan activities, you ensure that you allocate time for the activity. Then when you go to book or pay for the activity, that is your commitment to do it. At which it is more likely you will complete it.

So, when Christmas 2020 comes along, you can look back on the year and be proud of what you’ve achieved. The feeling like to you haven’t wasted another year again.

My plan so far…

During this Christmas period, I’ve been busy planning the beginning of my year. Let me share with you what I have so far:

5K run

I’ve signed up (and paid) for a 5k race on the 26th Jan. I’ll be working on my fitness in preparation for this race. For a lot of you this is a small race, but for someone who is currently overweight and not very fit (like me), its a challenge!


Just finished booking my snowboarding holiday for mid-March this year, which I’m super excited about. I’ve only been snowboarding once before, back in 2015, and I was absolutely terrible. However I want to give it one more try before I hang up my snowboard boots up and move over to the “dark side” skiing. 😊


I’ve never tried kayaking before. The closest thing to this would be when I tried canoeing and my arms felt like falling off the following day. So I guess this will be my chance to focus on upper body strength. This trip has been booked and deposit placed for the end of April.

Other activities, to be confirmed…

The 3 activities I’ve listed above are quite close to each other in terms of time. I think I want to complete the 5k race and snowboarding holiday before I start planning any more activities. If I planned any more I think I would begin to feel overwhelmed.

As I go through these activities for 2020, I plan to share my experiences with you, how I’m training (or not) and tips I’ve picked up on the way.

Now its your turn, make your plans and book your activities for 2020. Make this year count! 🙂