Best Midges Repellent / Protection

Best Midges Repellent / Protection

If you’ve found this page, you’re probably not comfortable with insects like me. So based on my experience during my visit to Isle of Skye, I’ve listed a few things to help with repelling midges below, that I highly recommend you buy or know before your trip to a high midge location.

Midges repellent

This I think the midges repellent was a life saver. Normally I’m the person who suffers most from mosquito bites on holiday. However, even with going through a lot of midges ‘clouds’ (seriously there were A LOT of them). I was only bitten 1-2 times, unlike my friends who didn’t have any repellent, they were bitten a lot. This is thanks you Smidge midge repellent.

I purchased the Smidge That Midge Insect Repellent 75 ml from for £6.65 (correct as of 18 Feb 2021) Unlike other insect repellents, this did not carry the strong smell you usually get with popular sprays.

Mosquito Repellent Wristbands

I purchased these Mosquito Repellent Wristbands on my trip. The wristbands where not as effective as I had hoped. I think they assisted in keeping midges at bay. This is because friends who did not have them on, seems to have a slightly bigger swarm of midges around them, than I. Though I did have to wear 4 of them, one for each wrist and ankle. Don’t expect midges to stay away from you with these on however they do offer a small amount of protection.

I purchased a pack of 12 for £9.98 on, but the mosquito repellent wristbands are now selling for £2.99 (correct as of 20/10/2020).

Midges Net

I decided against purchasing this and how I regret my decision. The most annoying thing is when midges fly around you face. There is literally nothing you can do to stop them. You can swat them away, but 1-2 seconds later they’re going to be back on your face. I thought these would make you look silly. However after my experience, I would prefer to look silly than have midges so close to my face. Also so many (smart) people were wearing these out and about, you wouldn’t be the only one wearing them.

After seeing lots of people wearing different versions of the head net. I’ve concluded the ones with a hat are the best. This is because the brim of the hat keeps the net from sitting against your face. This Head net with Hat is £8.50 from (correct as of 20/20/2020). I think the best “midge repellent” there is.

The cheaper ones without the hat are fine, so long as you wear a cap or similar underneath to create the same effect. Like the one below from for £2.99 (correct as of 20/10/2020).

Other protection methods

As I only had midges repellent spray, which kept me from having bites. It didn’t stop the uncomfortable feeling of them flying around your face.

During our trip we discovered 2 things that proved to be effective.

  1. continuously fan your face – with leaflets or anything that could act as a fan.
  2. run/jog at some speed – though not always possible in crowded areas or difficult terrains.

As midges are very small, their wings cannot cope with strong winds. Anything to create “wind” will keep them away, but be warned, it is very tiring. Thus the items listed above will be more comfortable.