Exbury to Lepe Circular Walk – Hampshire

Exbury to Lepe Circular Walk – Hampshire

We were looking for walks by the sea when we came across this Exbury to Lepe walk.

There are a few different versions of this walk online but the two that stood out to us. The first was the “official” one provided by New Forest – Exbury Village to Lepe. The other, we found on our View Ranger App – Exbury to Lepe 6.0.

Due to our sense of direction, we decided on the one in our View Ranger App. The app gives us some sort of sat nav to follow when exploring through fields with no sign posts.

The Walk Information

Distance: approx 6 miles
Time: 2.5-3hrs
Difficulty: Easy

Start Point

We drove to the start point which was Exbury Gardens Car Park. The car park is well sign posted, you cannot miss it.

Exbury Gardens & Steam Railway
Southampton SO45 1AZ

The car park itself is free to park. Though beware the car park does shut the gates at 6pm. Therefore, make sure you get back to the car before then.

The Beginning

As you come out of the car park, you will need to walk on the road to reach the public footpath. On the way you come by a church (Parish Church of St Katherine’s) on your left.

Parish Church of St Katherine’s – photo taken by hft

As you reach the public footpath, you pas two very old petrol pumps.

vintage petrol pumps – photo taken by hft

Once you reach the public footpath, it is a short walk until your first view of the many beautiful fields of the day.

Fields and more Fields

fields – photo taken by hft

On the next part of the walk, you do go into some shaded areas. If it hasn’t been dry then it would get quite muddy. We walked during a fair dry period. Even so, as we didn’t have our walking boots. We engaged our (poor) balancing skills but made it through the mud in one piece.

muddy areas – photo taken by hft

Once you get past the mud, you will need to walk along a quiet country road to reach the next path. This leads you to even more view of fields.

more fields – photo taken by hft

You will need to cross an edge of a field to get to the next section. Beware this path it is very narrow with uneven surface (soil) as your path and plants to push past. For ladies in ‘short’ shorts, it might be worth wearing some legging to stop being stung by a couple of stinging nettles, as I did.

Eventually you will come out to a wide opening.

narrow path – photo taken by hft

This will lead you down a wide country lane.

photo taken by hft

You will cross a few more fields and eventually you can see the sea just over the hill. This is your sign that you’ve reached the beach part of your Exbury to Lepe walk. If you’re lucky enough, in this field you’ll also see some horses too. At the end of the field, the path then opens out to Lepe beach.

photo taken by hft

Lepe Beach

the beach – photo taken by hft

Continue all the way down the beach until you reach the very end.

photo taken by hft

Tip. Half way down the beach the ‘paved’ path leads inland. You will want to continue your walk and stay on the beach. On the beach, there is a chance your path may be cut off by high tide, if you’re not careful. Try and time your walk so the tide is out.

At the end of the beach, there will be some large rocks which connect the beach to a road.

photo taken by hft

At the road, you will need to continue up a short way before you rejoin the public footpath. This will send you on the last leg of your journey, back to the car park. Ending your Exbury to Lepe walk.


The combination of English country side and beach, makes the Exbury to Lepe walk a lovey day out. The whole walk is relatively flat making it easy in difficulty. However, depending on the weather you may need your walking boots. I would imagine wet soil (in the fields), would get rather muddy. Keep a spare pair of shoes and socks in the car.

I would also prepare a windbreaker or jacket for when you reach the beach. At time of our walk, it was very windy. I wish I had bought a hat to stop the wind hitting my head. Weather during our walk, approx 17(°C) and wind speed 26 (mph).