Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer Review

Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer Review

I’ve been wanting to create a photo board of memories. However sending the odd photo to get printed professionally or printing a photo at a kiosk seems a bit too much work for a simple photo board I want to create.

So I decided to look at some photo printers for home, I didn’t want a large printer. I wasn’t looking to print large photos, but smaller pocket sized photos. This lead me to look at portable photo printers. After considering the initial cost of the printer, size/shape of the finished photo and cost of printer paper. I decided to purchase the Kodak Smile Instant Digital Printer with an extra photo paper pack on Amazon.co.uk for £119.99 (correct as of 23 Apr 2020).

Whats included with Kodak Smile?

In the box there’s a quick start guide. A pack of patterned sticker frames. I assume you place these on top of the photos you print. There’s 5 frames with different patterns in the pack. The printer of course. A short charging cable, approximately 30-40cm long. A starter pack of photo paper (5 sheets) and lastly, a instruction manual which comes in 5 languages.

The Setup

Getting started was fairly easy. Firstly you need to charge the printer, this takes approximately 2 hrs using a standard micro USB cable. There is a tiny light which appears red when charging and green when its full.

charging port – photo taken by hft

Second, download the app. You need the app to be able to print your photos. It will also guide you through the setup of your Kodak Smile printer. To sync the printer you will need to turn the printer on. You do this by pulling back on the grooved area. This will make the lid, pop up and expose a light. To turn off the printer, simply press down on the top to close the lid.

Simply follow the instructions which will include connecting your printer via bluetooth.

Next, load the paper but removing the cap at the end of the printer.

photo paper slot – photo taken by hft

When you take the photo paper out of the silver foil pack, it will include a blue paper sheet. This is a calibration sheet. Ensure this is at the bottom of the pile, face down , it is printed clearly on the printer at the opening for the paper. Once inserted, place the cap back on and the setup is pretty much finished.

The Printing

Once you’ve chosen a photo you want to print, you can edit the photos. Apply filters, adjust the photo (brightness, size, rotate etc.), apply text, stickers, borders and add an AR. Once done simply press the print button.

You will get a chance to choose how many copies of the photo you want to print at a time. Once you’ve decided press the print button again. Once your photo has been successfully printed, the screen will change again to “Print Successful”

The time it take for the photo to print is fairly quick, approx 30 seconds per photo.

Photo Print Quality

The quality of photo isn’t the best. If you’re wanting professionally printed photos, then this is not the printer for you. However, as a fun gadget to showcase memories it’s perfect.

outcome – photo taken by hft

Consumables for Kodak Smile

There is no ink for this printer, it uses ‘zink’ (zero-ink) paper. Therefore no need to worry about buying ink cartridges or them drying up thus, wasteful.

You can purchase the zink paper from many stores. For me the easiest place is on Amazon.co.uk. You can buy a pack of 20 sheets for £12.98 (65p each) or 50 sheets for £19.99 (40p each) (correct as of 25 Apr 2020) both with prime delivery.


I’ve only used the printer for less than 24 hrs but my first thoughts are it’s really easy to setup. Printing is simple and fairly very quick. The photo quality isn’t the best but its good enough for what I need to use it for.

Once I’ve used the printer for longer, I’ll be able to give a better opinion on the printer.