Birthing ball – Pregnancy back stretching

Birthing ball – Pregnancy back stretching

I’ve started to get back ache during my pregnancy as looking online for back stretches you come across so many where you have you bend forward. I can tell you, this is quite difficult with a baby bump in the way!

So searching online for pregnancy stretches/movements I came across some exercises using a birthing ball.

I decided on investing in the Trideer birthing ball which I purchased from for £16.99 (price correct as of 19th Oct 2021). Looking at my options, I’m 5’7 which meant a 65cm size birthing ball (size L) is perfect for me.

The reason I decided on this model was due to the thickness of it. I’ve had exercise balls in the past and they have been thin. However, my fear was that if the ball popped then I’d fall hard, potentially hurting my baby.

The other reason I chose this birthing ball is because of the weight limit it can take and that it is a slow release ball which means if it does get a puncture, it won’t just pop like a balloon, it will slowly deflate.

What’s included?

With this birthing ball you get a foot pump so you don’t need to worry about how to inflate it. Inside the box you also get a paper measuring tape. You temporarily stick this to a wall/door frame and align your inflated ball to see if you’ve inflated it to the correct diameter you need. You also get 3 plugs (some spares) to plug your ball once its inflated to the size you want. Also a kind of fork, so you can remove the plug if you need to inflate it more. Note it will take around 10 mins for you to inflate.

included – foot pump, measuring tap, plugs, fork

Following this I found a couple of YouTube videos (below) which shows a few exercises to do on birthing ball which I have taken inspiration from.