Results of snowboard training at home

Results of snowboard training at home

So after weeks of training at home (see ‘Beginners training at home part 1 & part 2) I was on my way to the slopes to answer the million dollar question. Was all the training at home worth it?

As we arrive at our resort (La Plange), our long awaited holiday was sadly cut short. We were told the all ski resorts in France will be closed immediately (due to covid-19) and we were to return back to the UK the following day. We only got to walk on the snow and not snowboard on it, sad times. Little did we know at the time, this would consist of torturous 24hr journey on coach and ferry.

Regardless, our little group felt cheated our of a snowboarding holiday. After a couple of days of mourning for our lost holiday, we had an idea. We will get to snowboard at least once, so we booked a session at our closest indoor snow dome. We desperately wanted to see if our snowboarding training at home paid off.

The Test

It was D-day. Once I got on and off the ‘scary’ button lift, it was time to really put my training to the test. For for first run I decided to leaf, just to get a feel for the snow and gracefully (in my head anyway) got to the bottom without falling on my bum. For my second run, C-turns, again they didn’t seem too hard. Turning left for me was easier than turning right. This resulted in me landing on my bum, a lot. By my third an forth run, I was starting to S-turn. Though my turns weren’t perfect, turning right was still giving me trouble and causing me to fall.

My tip, ask your friends to look at how your snowboarding. A friend told me I was leaning back towards my tail end of my board when turning right. So with a little adjustment, by holding my hand over the nose of my snowboard, my S-turns were starting to become smooth. I was spending a lot less time I was on my bum. All this progress with just 2 hrs of hitting the slopes. Imagine how much process I could have made if we were on the mountain.


So the results of snowboarding training at home? Compared to my very first snowboarding holiday, I can say that I made so much more progress within the space of 2 hrs, than I ever did in a whole week away on the mountain. I believe the biggest thing that made the difference was the balance board training. First with the DIY board then with the Vew-do board.

I can’t wait to get on the mountain next year, when we all get back to normality in the post covid-19 world.