Top 3 Tofu Press

Top 3 Tofu Press

Ever wonder how you keep your tofu from falling apart in your meals? The answer is easy, press your tofu!

So in my search for my own tofu press, I came across these three which ended up on my short list. In no particular order, here are my top 3 tofu press recommendations, one which I purchased.

Tofuture Tofu Press

The Tofuture press comes in 3 parts. The outer container, the inner colander like tray and the lid that does the pressing.

Tofuture Tofu press open

You place the colander tray, in outer container. You then place your tofu in the tray and place the lid on top of the tofu. To activate the pressing action, you hook the rubber attachments on either side of the lid, to the ridges on each side if the outer container. Once attached you push down the white handles on the lid to add pressure to the bands. The bands will keep even pressure on the tofu. The idea is that as the tofu is pressing, the excess water will drain into the outer container. Making pressing a clean operation, in comparison to the other types of tofu presses on the market . No additional tea towels or dishes required.

The Tofuture tofu press is the most expensive at £24.99 on (correct as of 29 May 2020).

Tofuture tofu press images

Mason & White Tofu Press

The Mason & White press is advertised with multiple uses. Not only can you use it as a tofu press, but also cheese press/drainer and dehydrator.

Mason & White Tofu Press

Concentrating on the tofu element, the Mason & White tofu press comes with two white boards, connected by two screws. You place your tofu between the two boards, then tighten the screws. You keep tightening the screws until you feel the tofu is pressed enough. The only danger is, if you over tightening the screws it will result in your tofu breaking up.

The excess water will begin to drain out, it is recommended you place a large plate or tea towel underneath the item to catch the excess water.

The Mason & White tofu press priced at mid-range at £13.99 on (correct as of 29 May 2020).

Plastic Box Tofu Press

This Plastic box Tofu press is one of the cheapest at £4.25 on (correct as of 29th May 2020).

Plastic Box Tofu Press

You place your tofu inside the plastic box, then place the lid on top of the tofu. To start the pressing action, you’ll need to add weight to the lid. Something like a can or a bottle is ideal. Note that you’ll also need to ensure it’s placed onto a dish or tea towel to catch the excess water as it’s being pressed.

This plastic box tofu press is simple and does take away the stress of balancing heavy items on top of your tofu and hoping it all doesn’t topple over.

Conclusion after comparison

After looking at all the features of each of the tofu presses, I decided to buy the Tofuture tofu press. The reason is I liked the dedicated water collection outer container. This in my mind would save a lot of wet tea towels that would need washing or risk of overflowing plates. I also like that I don’t have to keep adjusting the pressure. I don’t need to worry about adjusting the pressure to ensure I get the most water out.

The Mason & White one is a good option for the price. No need to balance any items on top but you just need to ensure you don’t tighten the screws too much. So a little practice might be needed to get it right and you need an additional item to catch the excess water.

The plastic box tofu press is simple and gets the job done. Ideal for those who only eat tofu once in a blue moon. However if you plan to eat tofu more frequently it might be worth investing in either of the other two options.